Delete in RAM, keep on disk


I’m really a beginner, so I’d like some clarifications about Aerospike if it fits my needs :

I wanted to know if it was possible to delete a data from the in-memory data, but keeps it in the persistence disk ?

I would like to keep offline accounts on disk, and keep online account on RAM.

I don’t mind if it takes a bit of time for loading from the disk the first time for the people logging in, I really care about deleting accounts from RAM for people logging off.

Is it possible with only Aerospike, or will I need something else ?

In the best case, I’d like to code only one data structure for my application and for the database.


How much data do you have? If it can all fit in memory, it’s best to just leave it all there.

HDD + Ram is really for getting performance of in-memory transactions while still having everything persisted on disk in case of failure/restart/etc.

The best option if you have more data than memory is to just use the SSD setup. There are lots of large ad networks that use Aerospike just for this purpose, storing hundreds of millions of user profiles and they use SSD’s with basically instantaneous response times for the data.