Delete secondary index in Aerospike

How to delete secondary index in aerospike and is there an huge impact on records? Is there anything required to be monitoreed during secondary index removal? Will it affect the existing production traffic?

Currently i have secondary indexes in bin, but these secondary indexes are not getting used.

You can delete a secondary index by running in aql “drop index ’ (see If the index is not being used, it should have no impact on the application behavior. The index deletion operation also should not affect system performance. Caveats: Make sure the index is not in use because a query that depends on the index will fail if you delete the index. In aql, run “stat index ” and check use of the index in query_reqs, which gives a cumulative number of query requests. You can also run “show queries” in aql to see if there are running queries that use the index. After deleting the index, monitor query failures via “query_fail” stat by running “show stat like query_fail” in asadm.

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