Different #records reported after each restart


Postby Hanson » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:47 am

I’m using Aerospike 3.3.8 In-Memory with Persistence. There are 29750095 records reported in table “testset”: CODE: SELECT ALL [root@localhost aerospike]# asinfo –v "sets/test" requested value sets/test value is ns_name=test:set_name=testset:n_objects=29750095:set-stop-write-count=0:set-evict-hwm-count=0:set-enable-xdr=use-default:set-delete=false;

After restart the server (spent ~30 minutes to complete the data loading), it reports a different 29792259 records: CODE: SELECT ALL [root@localhost aerospike]# service aerospike restart Stopping aerospike: [ OK ] Starting and checking aerospike: asd (pid 23145) is running… [ OK ]

[root@localhost aerospike]# asinfo –v "sets/test" requested value sets/test value is ns_name=test:set_name=testset:n_objects=29792259:set-stop-write-count=0:set-evict-hwm-count=0:set-enable-xdr=use-default:set-delete=false;

And restart again, it reports another number. What is the real #records in this table?


Postby devops01 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:39 am

Please ensure that migrations are done before getting accurate objects count.

You can check for migration progress with : CODE: SELECT ALL

asmonitor -e “stat -v migrate_progress*”

Example output:

1 hosts in cluster: ==== migrate_progress_recv 0 migrate_progress_send 0