Do we have redis like key tags in aerospike?

do we have redis like key tags in aerospike ?

I am not familiar with this capability. If you can describe what you are trying to achieve, we can explore the best way of doing it in Aerospike.

Sorry for not being clear. Redis provides key tag functionality using that we can specify part of the key to be used for sharding. Redis Cluster Specification – Redis

In my use case, the key consists of 2 parts. I need to access multiple keys based on the same first part. The number of keys with the same first part can be between 100 to 5000. Data in each individual key is between 1KB to 20KB. I need to do simple processing(aggregations) of data at the server end before returning to reduce the size of data transfer using Lua scripting.

Currently, we are using RedisCluster and along with key tags to ensure all keys go to the same shard and using Lua Scripting to do processing at server end.

Aerospike does not allow explicit control on data distribution; record (or key) placement is automatic and is based on the hash of the entire user key, as this ensures uniform distribution of data across the nodes of the cluster.

Multi-record operations (aggregations) are supported and take place in two phases: the first phase on the server and the second on the client, both implemented with the same Lua code. Please check out the Jupyter notebook tutorials on how to implement aggregate functions: Part 1 (launch in binder) and Part 2 (launch in binder), and stream UDF documentation.

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