Docker Cluster Network

Hello! When running on different servers using Docker and the --network=host parameter, I can easily merge nodes into a cluster. However, when using --network=bridge and overturning all ports, it is not possible to connect nodes to the cluster.

I don’t think you can use bridge network configuration when running containers on different servers. You can continue to use host network and leverage the network interface of that host. or use overlay network. For more details please see:

Overlay network:

And limit on bridge that can only be used on same host:

If I use a bridge, and I throw port 3000, I can write/read data from another host without problems. Why is there a problem with port 3002 rollover?

I suspect that the reading and writing of the service are occurring through port forwarding of port 3000 to the loopback interface. Basically, you are accessing the host who is forwarding request to port 3000. Are you able to access port 3000 from one container to another?

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