Does the C client support async calls?


I noticed that the fields for async calls are “Not currently used” in the source code. How can I perform async calls in C? The C client benchmark has no --async option either. I can already do async calls in the Java client and the Java benchmark. What are my options if I wanna do async calls w/o garbage collection? I am handling tick data and gc pause matters to me. Thx :smile:


Regarding C async call - The C client currently does not have the model of async calls similar to what’s provided in the Java client.

For folks who wanted to go the async route in C, they tend to already have their application logic based on an async environment such as the libevent2. Aerospike does have a KVS library built for libevent2.

Regarding Java gc tuning - definitely a valid concern. Would recommend opening a new topic on this subject to welcome additional community discussion. Thanks!