Error in restore

I did backup of the db and tried to restore in the same namespace.

Mar 18 2015 06:29:07 GMT: starting restore: filename: backup_18march/BB92F1418270008_00000.asb FILE 0x7f04c00008c0 restore: file backup_18march/BB92F1418270008_00000.asb failed, bad format. Mar 18 2015 06:29:08 GMT: expired 0 : attempted 3 : [updated 0 not-updated (existed 0 gen-old 3)] [vagrant@localhost ~]$

running db with vagrant from windows.

used command for the backup: asbackup -d backup_18march -n test

and restore with: asrestore -h -p 3000 -d backup_18march

Is there anything wrong in it?

Please retry your asbackup by supplying to “-b” option. If you are able to restore afterwards, then this problem may be the result of binary data being stored in a string type.