Error re-mounting EBS volume (shadow device)



I’m running aerospike on an AWS i3.2xlarge instance and using the instance store as primary device and an attached EBS volume as a shadow device.

I’m orchestrating this using opsworks.

Everything works as well during initial setup. Aerospike is up and running and I can run benchmarks against the cluster.

But I stop the instance and start again, I get an error I get an error that while mounting the EBS volume (shadow device used by aerospike after initial setup)

STDERR: mount: mount /dev/xvdi on /shadow failed: Structure needs cleaning

I did the same setup without starting aerospike and the instance was able to come up corrected after a stop and start.

This leads me to believe that Aerospike does something with the EBS volume and AWS is not able to re-mount the volume.

Please advice.


If you aren’t using a filesystem on the disk, then you probably shouldn’t be mounting it. When you use device (recommended) Aerospike will happily overwrite any existing filesystem on the device :).


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