Error while reading data from aerospike



Hi, I am using python scripts to write and read data to aerospike. I am using python 3.5 and 2.7 both. If script in python 3.5 writes to aerospike and reading same key from script with python 2.7 is giving error. ClientError: (-1L, ‘Unable to call loads function’, ‘src/main/serializer.c’, 480) client.exists(key) is giving expected output (that is meta is not None)

for code (in python 3.5+) import aerospike AEROSPIKE_CONN_SETTINGS = {‘hosts’: [(‘’, 3000)]} client = aerospike.client(AEROSPIKE_CONN_SETTINGS).connect() data = { ‘aerospike_key’: (‘test’, ‘123’, ‘key’), ‘conditions’: {}, ‘settings’: {}, ‘status’: ‘calculating’, ‘user_content’: None } key = (‘test’, ‘segment’, 123) client.put(key, data)

Reading from python 2.7 I am getting client.exists(key) => ((‘test’, ‘segment’, 123, bytearray(b’\xe5\x96s8r\xb74\\\xbb\xa8\xd5\x8f,\x82\xf2\x06\x94\xac\xf1’)), {‘gen’: 1, ‘ttl’: 2591970})

But for getting key I am getting error client.get(key) ClientError: (-1L, ‘Unable to call loads function’, ‘src/main/serializer.c’, 480)

Please help me.