Executing UDF modules for bloom filter

I want to achieve the bloom filter feature on aerospike, so for that, I have used Lua scripting to create a UDF bloom filter , I have registered my udf modules on to the aerospike but now I am unable to access bloom filter methods inside the aerospike client and also using node module aerospike .

I don’t know what am I missing here.

Can someone will me with it.

I have the below modules for bloom filter .

SHOW MODULES ±-------------------±-------------------------------------------±------+ | filename | hash | type | ±-------------------±-------------------------------------------±------+ | “luaxxhash.lua” | “dccb4610b41b645dfa5ee01584a0868672d8034c” | “LUA” | | “bloom_filter.lua” | “14f0c74bf011a4615d0b136b5cbcb087e62dcf51” | “LUA” | | “bloom.lua” | “9140de4eea2d881a4f6ea842dc79f1a806a5cdd6” | “LUA” | ±-------------------±-------------------------------------------±------+

what I have tried so far. I have installed the aerospike npm module and also connected it with the aerospike setup.

const result = await aerospikeClient.apply(key, ‘bloom’, ‘add’, [‘bin’, 1, {}])

What is the call returning? You may want to check the function apply() details in the API reference and the example code here.