Gather Read/Write Transaction Per Day

Hi Team, what is best way to gather daily read/write transaction (both successful /not successful)

There are multiple metric to measure read/write transactions, ie

  1. batch_sub_read_success
  2. client_read_success
  3. client_write_success

Should we do sum up all metric over period of time.

Those metrics are cumulative so you can definitely sum them up in any way you need… either total per transaction type (and summing up the _success, _error, _not_found, _filtered_out, timeout numbers), or taking all the _success and summing them up across the different transaction types (and doing deltas between the timestamps you are computing those for).

You can also of course leverage a tool that aggregates those metrics and you can setup custom dashboards across those metrics. For example, one can leverage the Aerospike Monitoring Stack and leverage grafana dashboards…

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