General Config for go client



I am going to use aerospike in project that I am going to build for personal use. Let me know what configuration I should use for GOLANG client esp this is going to be highly concurrent application with serving 2k-5k reuests per second.

How should I configure client connection, buffer poooling settings so that goroutines dont end up waiting for these resources?

Also I can see from code: type ClientPolicy struct { // ConnectionQueueCache specifies the size of the Connection Queue cache PER NODE. ConnectionQueueSize int //= 256

    // If set to true, will not create a new connection
    // to the node if there are already `ConnectionQueueSize` active connections.
    LimitConnectionsToQueueSize bool //= true

} Does this mean max 256 goroutines can simultaneously make cache calls?

Also let me know the meaning of and the effect on scaling of the client: service_threads: 4 transaction_queuers: 4 transaction_queues_per_thread: 4 proto_fd_max 15000