getHeader method is not working as expected



I could’t able to retrieve header info using getHeader() method, whereas, able to get the record using get() method for the same key.

String key = "1188383863";
String db = "test";
String c = "test_col";

System.out.println("value is " + client.getHeader(null, new Key(db, c, key)));

This return the null value

where as, System.out.println(client.get(null, new Key(db, c, key))); is giving below results:


Can you please check?

Thanks, Mani


Hi Mani,

Thank you for using the forums, after having one of our engineers look into your issue. We weren’t able to recreate the issue. I was wondering can we get more information from you regarding what server version your using? Along with the Java Client version too. Also can we get a full code snippet that demonstrates the error? So we can recreate the error on outside? Last but least one of our engineer had a question onto why is there a UID is negative in the bin but positive in the key?




Hi Mani,

Dis-reguard my previous message, it looks like after a second look our developers understood what the issue was. It’s a bug that is in the Record.toString() and not getHeader(). Since when the record.toString() expects bins to be populated and fails with a null pointer exception. We will fix this in the next release. Let me know if I can assist with any other questions you may have and thank you for pointing this out!






Also, I am getting “Failed to read resource: udf/compat52.lua” exception whenever trying to call queryAggregate method. Infact, I’ve registered different module and it was successful. But, at run time, it is always throwing the above exception. I tried to look at the driver source: ./client/src/com/aerospike/client/lua/ and it is trying to load few sys modules. Among those sys modules, “compat52.lua” is not avialble in /opt/aerospike/sys/udf/lua/ and driver is trying to load it.

How shld i proceed?

Thanks, Mani