GMT: WARNING (udf): (udf_record.c:415) record not open

Hello, I am quite new with Aerospike so sorry to my ignorance. We have installed latest enterprise version, and we noticed a lot of warning messages

GMT: WARNING (udf): (udf_record.c:415) record not open

Can you help me to understood why we are getting this warning, or at lest to point me where to find reason for this. I am already checked page with common UDF warning.


I’m not sure what the message means, but could you share the UDF code and aerospike server version?

I did get some input from the Aerospike dev team on this one:

The warning indicates that the UDF is trying to read a bin value from a record that does not exist. This could be a record that is not in the index, or a record that has expired or been truncated but not yet removed from the index. UDFs are only allowed to create records in this situation, by assigning bin values and then calling aerospike:create(). Note that aerospike:exists() can be used to check the record status.

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