Having issues connecting to aerospike cluster fully with over 5 ip address



Lets say I have over 5 nodes in the cluster in AWS lets say 7 and I am trying to connect to them all.

I can connect to 5 nodes at time with but once I add another host it fails to connect.

Important to note: I have already tried most combinations of ip addresses and know that they all work as sets of 5… also I am accessing them outside the amazon network - i.e locally so I am using there elastic ips not there internal network ips. Hence having to use all 7 rather then just one internal IP.


That’s strange. This may well be a hard to reproduce bug. Could you please provide a simple snippet of your code to work with?


Interesting, we’re also having troubles with a 6 node cluster, also with the Go client: Performance drops with the 6th machine

maybe this is related?