Performance drops with the 6th machine


Hello, we have a new small aerospike cluster. It’s mostly doing fine, but we have a performance drop I can’t really explain.

With 4 machines everything is fine. They do some like 7Kreads + 7Kwrites per second per server. When we add a 5th and a 6th machine performance drops to something about half that. When we only add a 5th machine performance is fine, but the moment we add a 6th things go back to slow again (even after waiting on syncing the whole cluster). Does this ring any bell with anyone?

We’re running this on google, local SSDs,, mesh networking.

Having issues connecting to aerospike cluster fully with over 5 ip address

I just noticed this since you referenced it in the Go client sub-forum. Could you kindly help me to reproduce the problem?


That would be great, what can I provide you with?

We’re went back to 4, but bigger, machines to handle the load, and that works fine.