High response times of first few hits


Original postby amdalal » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:29 am

Hi all,

We are using Aerospike in our production environment which has below setup:

WebContainer=Apache-tomcat Environment=AmazonEC2 Language=JAVA fail.if.not.connected=true max.socket.idle=20 max.threads=3000 timeout=1000 Aerospike setup=2 nodes (One in each availability zone) . Community edition. We connect to both the nodes at start-up using Code: Select allnew AerospikeClient(ClientPolicy, Host[]);

There is one observation: As soon as the tomcat starts taking traffic (around 200 hits per sec), the response times of first few hits is very very high. In the order of 3-4 sec. Eventually the same response time comes down to 25ms. Also, there’s a very heavy load on the server (order of 50-60), which eventually remains stable at 2-3.

Is there anything we are doing wrong?