How do I delete dead partitions?

This is a test database and the partitions are dead because I replaced the disk without telling the database. I am ok with completely losing this data. How can I just delete these dead-partitions? I am using strong consistency.

      NODE   dead_partitions   unavailable_partitions   
aero1:3000              4096                        0   
aero2:3000              4096                        0   
aero3:3000              4096                        0   
aero4:3000              4096                        0   
Number of rows: 4

dead_partitions and unavailable_partitions only exist in strong-consistency if you are unfamiliar with what these mean, I recommend reading Consistency Management which explains these concepts.

Basically, the cluster thinks that it had data before and somehow it was lost, which is exactly what has happened here. To instruct the cluster to continue anyway you need to issue the revive command to all nodes.

To issue revive to all partitions on all nodes run:

asadm -e 'asinfo -v "revive:namespace=[ns-name]"'

That did it - thanks!

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