How do I query namespace, set metadata on Aerospike?


I want to build a web endpoint which displays metadata of aeropsike. For example

  1. Number of records in a set
  2. List of sets in namespace
  3. Number of connections
  4. config parameter values

While amc has all this, it is not in the in the format we want it be.


Looks like i found what im looking for.

  1. Info class api
  2. json endpoints amc uses internally. Example : http://[AMC]:[PORT]/aerospike/service/clusters/[CLUSTER_ID]/namespaces/[NAMESPACE]/sets

For me the second option seems very convenient (inspite of being a little hacky) . Any suggestions on whats better?

[update] : just realized the cluster_id does not remain the same. It keeps changing. Is there any way to generate the cluster id?

[update2] : I used the Info java class made my tool based on that. It perfectly suits my needs.