How does Aerospike hash the key to store on the cluster?


We want to know how does Aerospike hashes the keys to store on the cluster. Can we have same key name on difference namespace or set within same namespace without collision.

What are the essential parameters to hash function apart from the key itself.

Thanks, Manish

Each namespace has its own keyspace.

Yes, you may have the same key in multiple sets.

The computation is something along the lines of:

ripemd160(SET_NAME, KEY_TYPE, KEY )

Can we also insist that 2 primary keys of the set should reside in the single node. I have 2 primary keys in the set i.e. few bins use PK 1 and other bins use PK 2. Is there a way that there is onlt 1 network call in aerospike to get the record from that set ?

No, we haven’t defined a way to assign a record to a particular partition. I believe there is already a feature request for such functionality.

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