How does XDR work with map operations

Running version 5.3. I had a question concerning how XDR replication works with regards to map operations such as:

  • MapOperation.putItems
  • MapOperation.removeByValueRange
  • MapOperation.removeByRankRange
  • MapOperation.removeByKeyList

I have multiple clusters I am trying to keep in sync and currently we issue the same update operation to each. I am hoping to use XDR to allow updates to be made to only one cluster but I was wondering if this meant that the entire bin would have to be sent instead of just the update.

I am currently using bin policy changed-and-specified.

XDR will ship the specified bins if they changed, but will not ship ops. The entire bin would be shipped to the remote data centers.

More info about XDR bin policy.

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Thank you for the confirmation. I suspected that was the case but wanted to verify.

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