How to append a object or item to a existing list bin with spark aerospike connector


I am new to aerospike and I have few doubts.

Is there anyway I can append to existing list bin using spark aerospike connector? Can we access the data of objects being written as blobs using java client api with the help of spark aerospike connector?

Thanks in advance.

An existing List bin can be updated on Spark by reading the entire bin, changing its value (in this case, appending to it), and storing the modified value back.

Blob values can be accessed on Spark as a BinaryType (array of bytes).

Hi Neelp,

Thanks for answering. Appreciate your timely response, May I know the reason why such an api is not there, when java client api provides api to append. Any specific technical reason.

The operations available in the Java API may be considered for the Spark dataframe interface for more convenient and efficient access to Aerospike CDTs and other data types. While we do not have them currently, it is always a possibility in the future.

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