How to create a AQL query corresponding to a Java Key object

I have a Java project where I can view (debug) the Key of every record saved in the namespace. This is my Key value when printed to String: {Key@11379} "namespace:null:u17c3304e-9c9b-4905-9889-a9cf2b26dc9c:948b5799fd2f6d5e827e1eb3c5d1a14dfd31bccf"

How can I write a AQL query to identify this record in AQL? I need this to debug the logic. This is similar to AQL select with PK - #10 by kyle-banta-yoshida , however that thread deals with inserting the record via AQL with send_key option.

Can you please suggest how to construct the query to view the record, from the Key value?

The key when printed shows the following structure: <namespace>:<set>:<user-key>:<digest>.

You can retrieve the record in aql with: select * from <namespace>.<set> where DIGEST="<digest>".

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