How to know which client ip is causing these warnings in the Aerospike logs

Jul 24 2023 02:31:35 GMT: WARNING (particle): (particle_list.c:4465) AS_CDT_OP_LIST_APPEND: failed Jul 24 2023 02:31:35 GMT: WARNING (rw): (write.c:2009) {arrow_prod} write_master: failed as_bin_cdt_stack_modify_from_client() a2c17f80ed20594ea7a0b407b67fc018e29828bb

That is a good question. I would first suggest making sure errors are logged on the client side as that would be the best way to track not only the client but further info about the call that is failing.

In terms of tracking the IP address from the server side, the only thing I can think of from the top of my head is to make the user of the rw-client log context to detail and then correlate the digest of the error you posted with the digest in the rw-client log context.

But this may not be practical or even possible if the system has a high throughput since the rw-client detail log will write a new line for each transaction processed by the system. Also, if this is not happening as part of an individual write transaction (could be a batch or a background ops) I am not sure it will show up in the rw-client log context.

You can find some details on that log context and the log message format for it on the ‘How to use rw-client logging to identify a hot digest’ knowledge base article.

Thanks Meher. This article helped me determine the application Aerospike Customer. Since the digest is in the warning message I was able to find out the set that it belongs to.