How to perform healthcheck on Aerospike cluster?

Hi, I want to know what is the best way to perform a heathcheck on a Aerospike cluster to know that nodes are up and running.

ES provides for Green/Yellow/Red status which points to node health?

Also, is it possible to do the same via Java Client library?


You certainly can use the Java, or any other client, for this. Essentially you want to send “Info” messages to each node in the cluster. There is an API for this in the Java class library:

String message = <info message>
String result = Info.request(null, '",  message);

The node will respond with an answer to the message sent. For details on the messages and responses see

I hope this helps.




Hi Peter,

I want to do some basic health check for a DropWizard based application that is using Aerospike. Except for namespace/ I couldn’t find any other meaningful information, and the result for namespace info is a large serialized map. which of these key/value pairs are work checking?

Please suggest any additional/alternative checks to be performed.

Thanks, Naveen

Hi Naveen,

Sorry for the delay, I have asked a colleague to tell you the precise answer


Hi Naveen,

This page is a good starting point and has a link to the full metrics reference page.

I think that the use case will also dictate which one of the metrics are more or less relevant to track. For example, are latency and throughput fluctuation critical to monitor, or is it number of records, or maybe number of not found errors, etc… The link provided here gives you the bare minimum general metrics that are important and the metrics reference page is more exhaustive.

Thanks, –meher