How to query a data set with the condition that bin value is null? (& other RDBMS-type queries)


how can i query a data set with a given condition that a bin’s value is null ?


You’d have to do that using a stream UDF attached to a scan or query. There is no predicate to find an ‘IS NULL’ (SQL) equivalent because null values do not get indexed in the secondary index you build over any bin. They get ignored.


thanks for reply! does aerospike team put the relative-calculating on schedule? in my opinion, if aerospike support a whole mechanism of rdbms-alike query(such as muti-condition query,table-joinning query,fuzzy query and so on), it’s market will grow huge rapiddly.


That may be :smile:. Some type of SQL operations are easier to implement than others, and some simply do not fit with our model.

An RDBMS is not necessarily the right tool for every problem, while it’s very good for set operations. If you’re doing a RESTful microservice, for example, you need a key-value store - an RDBMS would be the wrong tool for the job. If you’re creating a realtime application most if not all RDBMSs are a really bad choice. You have to evaluate which type of data store is the right one for you. The days of RDBMS being THE persistent data store are over.