How to Query using both Mapkeys and Mapvalues in Python? or combination of bins?

Hello, I have data like this

MAP(’{1:“dora”, 3:“ashu”}’) | MAP(’{1234:“m”, 2131:“land”}’)

MAP"{3:“william-gozali-59450a16”,1:“william-gozali-59450a16”}" | MAP(’{8431187:“l”, 9999988888:“m”}’)

I tried client.map_get(key, bin="ctNo", map_key=9996,val="m") getting error AttributeError: ‘aerospike.Client’ object has no attribute ‘map_get’ , I need to query on both combinations, like where in mapkeys =1 and mapvalues=dora, what to do and is there any way to get data with both combinations of bins, we are using python client, how to store this data in another format, please provide the solution.

Thanks in advance

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