How to remove an entry from a LDT map


The remove function in the C client seems to be missing from the java client. When will this appear / what is the work around?




I believe that a remove method will be added soon by Aerospike. But in the mean time, LDT’s are implemented using UDFs and you can execute the UDF directly with code like this:

client.execute(policy, key, "lmap", "remove", binName, name);

where: “policy” is the record WritePolicy "key" is the key of the main record "lmap" is the package name of the Large Map UDF "remove" is the function name of the Large Map UDF "binName is the name of The LDT bin "name" is a the Value of the map key


Awesome thank!

minor update if someone reads this in the future, the bin name is a parameters to the UDF function, so it ended up like this for me (though I am in scala):

client.execute(policy, key, “lmap”, “remove”, Value.get(binname), Value.get(record))