How to remove offline node from Heartbeat's seed list? (AER-5156)

1). 3 nodes (A,B,C) with 2rep-factor in a cluster, namespace called test. 2). When I shut down node A , and set service-alumni-reset to B and C. 3). And changed its aerospike.conf to disable mesh IPs of B and C and started Node A aerospike. What is expected here? Should node A join the cluster of B and C or not?

We tested with 3.7 it did join the cluster.

If the configs on B or C still know of A then they will periodically poll for A’s return. Likewise if A is still configured with B or C it will poll them when it restarts.

The service-alumni-reset only affects the alumni list returned by the servers to diagnostic tools. This doesn’t affect the heartbeat layer.

There currently isn’t a command to purge nodes from the heartbeat layer’s seed list, this can only be accomplished by changing the static config files and restarting the cluster one by one. I have submitted a feature request on your behalf which will be tracked as AER-5156.

The tip-clear is available which allows you to purge a particular set of node from the heartbeat layer.

I’m in C- I have added 4 Empty Nodes(D,E,F,G) to an existing 3nodes (A,B,C)aerospike nodes having data by having ABC node names in DEFG mesh IPs. Now I have shut down ABC one by one. Tried removing A , B and C from tip-clear way on DEFG and did service-alumini-reset I dont see it in asadm list. But when I start A , I see it is joining the cluster. Is it an expected behaviour of tip-clear?

Try this on A, when you restart A (assuming A’s config does not have any of DEFG specified in its heartbeat ips):

sudo service aerospike start
asinfo -v "tip-clear:host-port-list=all"
asinfo -v 'services-alumni-reset'
sudo service aerospike restart