How to set TTL as no-expire in LUA? [AER-4287]


I tried :

record.set_ttl(rec, -1)

record.set_ttl(rec, 0xFFFFFFFF)

record.set_ttl(rec, 0)

all not worked.


was a record.update() called after setting?


I want to create a new no-expire record in lua.

Code like:

function f(rec, ...)

if aerospike:exists(rec) then
	record.set_ttl(rec, 0xFFFFFFFF)  --- or -1 ,  0
	return aerospike:create(rec)


But it not works. The ttl is decreasing.


Can you run the following snippet twice? The first time, it will create the record with a no expire. And second time print out the ttl You can also do a backup of the record and show the TTL in the record after creation.

if (aerospike:exists(rec)) then		
    warn("rec ttl = %s", tostring(record.ttl(rec)))		
    status = aerospike:update(rec);
    warn("update status = %d", status)	
    record.set_ttl(rec, -1)
    status = aerospike:create(rec);		
    warn("create status = %d", status)	


Lua file :

function test_ttl(rec)

if aerospike:exists(rec)  then 

    ttl = record.ttl(rec)
    status = aerospike:update(rec)

    return string.format("rec ttl = %d, update status = %d", ttl, status)
    rec['bin'] = 'ttl'
    record.set_ttl(rec, -1)
    status = aerospike:create(rec)

    return string.format("create status = %d", status)


The result shows that the third time make things wrong.


Thanks this is very helpful. Do you have a default-ttl of 30 days on your namespace ?

Filed JIRA ticket AER-4287 for continue tracking internally.


Yes. Default ttl of namespace(camel) is 30 days.


Thanks for the example.

To create a non-expiring record in LUA, you can use

record.set_ttl(rec, -1)

or, equivalently,

record.set_ttl(rec, 0xFFFFFFFF)

before calling aerospike:create().

Using record.set_ttl(rec, 0) will set the TTL to the namespace default if the default is non-zero, or it will set the TTL to infinite (i.e. record will not expire) if the namespace default is zero.

The other important point is that when subsequently calling aerospike:update() on the record, the TTL must first be assigned again with record.set_ttl(rec, -1) in order to preserve the record’s infinite life. Otherwise the aerospike:update() call will reset the record’s TTL according to the namespace default.

We’re still considering whether the behavior of aerospike:update() should be changed in this regard.


Call record.set_ttl(rec, -1) before aerospike:update() works.

Thank you