HyperLogLog getCount supports in batch request (CLIENT-1571)

For example I want retrieve 30 records with bins ‘сlicks’, ‘shows’, ‘uniques_hll’. If I use batch request I can retrieve ‘clicks’, ‘shows’ and raw uniques_hll value. And after that for each key I have to execute operate with hll getCount operation additionally. Is it possible to retrieve HLL count result for bin in batch request ?

Currently, you cannot execute bin operations within a batch.

Therefore for such simple operation I should execute 31 requests to aerospike ? (( Can I calculate count from HLLValue ?

Yes, currently only get, put, and background scans/queries accept bin operations.

No, the HLLValue is opaque to the clients.

Maybe it is possible to extend functionality and control what retrieve for HLL in batch requesrt: raw value or count ?

Recently clients added support for batch reads with operations.

See: CLIENT-1571 in Java client version 5.1.6.

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