I'm wondering if Aerospike can handle this database



I need to store a maximum of 200 billion records, each having 2 fields: A, and B, both strings of no more than 255 characters. I’ll be inserting records into this database at a pace of about 50 000 per second. About once a second, I’ll also be querying the database. All the queries will be the same: I’ll need all the records where the field A=X, for a given X string.

  1. Is it possible to use Aerospike to store such a database?
  2. What kind of hardware would I need to store it?

Thanks, Razvan


Hello Razvan. Yes, that’s a pretty simple use case for Aerospike. You would use two bins, A and B, and build a secondary index over bin A.

Your case can be sized without too much complications. It depends on whether you’re in EC2 or on bare metal, the peak read and write transactions per second. You already stated the number of records and the size of the record. There’s a sizing knowledge-base in this discussion forum, and Aerospike also provides enterprise services. Usually sizing is part of supporting you through a proof-of-concept phase. You can always contact us to discuss your needs.