Inserting nested map

Dear team, I’m using aerospike-server-community- and aerospike-client-c-4.6.6 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5. I’m facing some difficulties while trying to insert a nested map in Aerospike.

Please find below a sample c++ function that I’m using:

int insertNestedMap(aerospike* aero)
    as_cdt_ctx ctx;
    as_cdt_ctx_inita(&ctx, 1);
    as_string str;
    as_string_init(&str,(char*) "outer_key", false);
    as_cdt_ctx_add_map_key(&ctx, (as_val*)&str);
    as_operations ops;
    as_operations_inita(&ops, 1);
    as_string l_key;
    as_string_init(&l_key, (char*)"inner_key", false);
    as_integer l_val;
    as_integer_init(&l_val, 11);

    as_map_policy map_policy;
    as_operations_map_put(&ops, "bin_name", &ctx, &map_policy, (as_val*)&l_key, (as_val*)&l_val);
    as_error l_asError;
    as_record* rec = NULL;
    as_key key;
    as_key_init_str(&key, "test", "test_nested_map", "k1");

    as_status l_operateStatus = aerospike_key_operate(aero, &l_asError, NULL, &key, &ops, &rec);
    if(l_operateStatus != AEROSPIKE_OK)
      printf("\n[%s::%d]Error [%d] , Error_Msg-->%s-- \n",__FILE__,__LINE__,l_asError.code, l_asError.message);
      return -1;
      printf("\nNested Map successfully inserted\n");
      return 0;

My client program is getting the below error: Error [4] , Error_Msg--> AEROSPIKE_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID--

In the server logs, I see the following: WARNING (rw): (write.c:1891) {test} write_master: failed as_bin_cdt_alloc_modify_from_client() <Digest>:0xd09c52914e9b556c651769606812bf5040108bed

Please let me know what’s going wrong here. Also, I don’t understand understand how to use as_map_policy except the default values. The documentation is not very clear as to how to set the required policy in the structure. Kindly guide me on that as well.


as_cdt_ctx is used to identify the entry in nested list/maps that the operation will apply to. as_cdt_ctx is not used to create the initial list/map.

See map_nested test in map_basics.c for an example on how to create a nested map and operate on an entry in that nested map.

See map_put_items test in map_basics.c for an example on how to use as_map_policy to create a key ordered map.

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