Is it possible to query object and all dependencies in 1 query?

We are going to store tasks in aerospike set. Each task has list of dependent tasks so on. For example:

TaskA={id=‘TaskA’, dependencies=[‘TaskB’, ‘TaskC’]}

TaskB={id=‘TaskB’, dependencies=}

TaskC={id=‘TaskC’, dependencies=[‘TaskD’]}

TaskD={id=‘TaskD’, dependencies=}


So I’m looking for most efficient approach how to query TaskA and all it dependencies. In in our example it should return all 4 tasks in 1 query.

If the “dependencies” also included itself, you could use an “IN LIST” query to find all tasks that depend on TaskA which would also include TaskA.

See: List Indexing and Querying | Aerospike Documentation

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Can we do it recursively on Aerospike?

No. You can’t join inside the server across records.