Is there a max limit on the size of the object that be saved?


Using the Python client lib I am trying to save an object containg a list of 1026 items with in-memory size of the list is 10KB. When I exucte the .put command on a record with this object it throws a segmentaion fault without any trace in the logs


Seems like it’s hitting a stack limit. Please open it as an issue in the repo aerospike/aerospike-client-python with the client release number, the OS you’re on, and sample code that reproduces it. Thanks.


Cool thanks. I’ll raise a bug.

Is there any workaround for this? Or any possible alternatives from anyone who as faced this before?

Thank you for your time.


It’s something we should investigate. A similar issue came up with the PHP client.


Okay cool. Raised an issue here -