Issue in reading data with header

Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue where aerospike read is stale .

Two threads are trying to update the record with generation id using operate API.

Thread 1 has updated the record and increased the generation id by one. verified this through reading the record again via Operate API. Wherein Thread2 read the same record with updated generation id (increased by Thread1) but the bins were not updated. How it is possible that generation id is changed but bins are not updated ? there are no other updates happened in between the operations ?

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@kporter I was able to solve this problem where inside my java application two threads were trying to do the update.

Now I am facing a problem where 2 application (one is golang and other one is java) threads are misbehaving.

1st application(java) is trying to update(decreasing the value ) the record using operate API and 2nd application (golang) is trying to update (increasing the value )the same record with operate API. In the final value is far increased and its not the expected result.

So the golang implementation issued more updates?

Yes . golang updates are more. Refer to the other issue which I am facing in golang client.

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