Issues while using Aerospike in Spring Framework


I have successfully integrate spring-data-aerospike in Spring Framework. I need to save a Client Data in Aerospike.

My class is :

@Document( collection = "clients")
public class Client {
    private String clientId;

Repository defined as:

public interface ClientRepository extends CrudRepository<Client, String> {
    Client save(Client client);

Code to save in Aerospike DB:

 private ClientRepository clientRepository;

Client clients = new Client(); 
clients =;

Issues are:

  1. Client Records is going to save in set Name 'Client' rather than 'clients' as mentioned in @Document( collection = "clients"). How I force it to save in 'clients'
  2. For every record a big size Metadata is also saved with name 'ASpikeMetaData'. How to get rid of it?
  3. How to define PK for each record?