It'd great to add the `defrag-q`s metric (AER-4969)




I have 14% of the disk usage and 15% of the storage avail. pct when defrag-lwm-pct is 50. So, when I set defrag-lwm-pct like 80 then I have got 33% storage avail. pct I think, the 80 is high for defrag-lwm-pct and I worry about the size of the defragmentation queue. But defrag-q is presented in logs only.

So, could you add the metric with the same value?


Which version of Aerospike are you running?


I’m using


Wanted to be sure you were on at least 3.9.0, since a lot of metrics were added. Seems per device metrics aren’t yet available via the info api. I opened a ticket AER-5534 for this request.