Java client documentation



I tried to enter into Java client documentation in your site and got 404. For example: Is it a known issue?



@guytish - no, we were not aware of this issue; thank you for reporting it.

Aerospike team: To recreate this error, go to the Introduction to the Java Client page here and, on the part of the left rail highlighted in red, click on “Connecting”. This yields the “Page Not Found” reported by the user on this page.

By the way, clicking on the following terms on the left rail also results in “Page Not Found” errors:

  • any of the items underneath the word “Connecting” (“Key-Value Store”, “User Defined Functions”, “Query”, “Aggregation”, “Scan”)
  • the term “Large Data Types”
  • the term “Asynchronous API” under “Error Handling”


Cross-linking this issue to a similar one reported on Github here: