JDBC driver does not work properly


Doesn’t matter what namespace I use in the query, according to the log it always scan sets in the test namespace. For example I run “select top 100 * from data.users” and I get the log entry

starting basic scan job 1452784322160093000 {test:users} priority 2, sample-pct 100 finished basic scan job 1452784322160093000 (0)

(We do have the same sets in different namespace (test & production)

Ciao, Martin


Hi Martin I’m looking into the problem, can you tell me the version of Aerospike that you are using?



great! the current jdbc driver (0.2.2) and 3.6.4.


Any update on this? What would be super helpful is if the code would be on github - should be an easy fix.



The bug is fixed and is in our release cycle, but i can give you an early copy. Send me email at helopilot50@gmail.com and ill send you a download link.

As for GitHub source, we cant do it ( although that is my preference ), we use the JDBC framework from a 3rd party ander license and publishing our code and the dependant jars would breach that license.


Ah ok, understood. Thanks for the fix. EMail is sent :wink: