LDT object count statistics in AMC


I am running into an issue in LDT data replication cross datacenter.

Setup :

Datacenter : DC1 Nodes : a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6
Datacenter : DC2 Nodes : b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,b6

Replication factor is 2 in both DCs .
And cross-replication is from DC1 to DC2 only.

Now I am inserting data which also contains LDT bins in DC1 . Total objects expected to be inserted say 90k. So on AMC it should show (90k/6)*2 = 30k in each node. And same should be replicated to DC2 nodes.

I am getting 90K displayed in AMC at DC1 but at DC2 its showing 30K. (per node) The above data is for LDT , for normal bins AMC shows expected results at both DCs.

So is there an issue in intra-datacenter replication from nodes to nodes for LDT ? OR is their some issue in statistics calculation in case of LDT ? OR any other issue ?

Regards, Holmes


Cross Datacenter replication for LDT is not a supported feature yet …

– R

Oh… Ohkays. Thanks

So is it going to be supported in near releases ?

Regards, Holmes

It will be at some point. But there is no timeline for it right now

– R