Lwm breached/hwm breached/ stop-writes breached

####What do INFO messages about lwm breached/hwm breached/ stop-writes breached mean?

You may find the following entries printed in the main Aerospike log file “/var/log/citrusleaf.log”

Sep 05 2012 21:28:48 GMT: INFO (namespace): (base/namespace.c:458) {test} lwm breached true, hwm_breached true, stop_writes true, memory sz:22971755648 nobjects:358933683 nbytesmem:0 hwm:23192823808 sw:34789232640, disk sz:216122189312 hwm:216116854784 sw:341237137408

This means that your namespace “test” on that node has reached the low-water-mark, high-water-mark for either disk or memory and the stop_writes percentage, so it can no longer accept write requests.

You may also find entries in the same log that look like this:

The Sep 05 2012 21:28:48 GMT: INFO (rw): (base/thr_rw.c:2300) writing pickled failed 8 for digest 7318ad7422e51009 

This happens as the result of the “stop_writes” being “true” either on this node or others. You can resolve your this issue in various ways:

1). Speed up your current eviction rate by reducing the memory/disk high-water-mark 2). Slow down your migration speed , if migrations are happening. 3). Increase your defragmentation priority. 4). Speed up your defragmentation frequency. 5). Increase the stop_writes rate on your namespace.

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