Max file size / device size

Hi, In aerospike manual I can see that when using file for aerospike, the max size is 2TB.

There is no limitation in the manual regarding raw device size.

I saw one of the guys from aerospike answer to a post saying there is a 2TB limitation for file and device as well.

can you make things clear? is there a 2TB limitation for devices as well?

this is from the manual:

Recipe for an SSD Storage Engine The minimal configuration for an SSD namespace requires setting storage-engine to device and adding a device parameter for each SSD to be used by this namespace. In addition, memory-size may need to be changed from the default of 4GB to a size appropriate for the expected primary index size. For assistance in sizing the primary index, please refer to the Sizing Guide. For performance, we recommend reducing the write-block-size from the default of 1MB to 128 Kb on SSD backed namespaces.

Recipe for a HDD Storage Engine with Data in Memory The minimal configuration for an HDD with Data-in-Memory namespace involves setting storage-engine to device, setting data-in-memory to true, and finally providing a list of file parameters to indicate where data will be persisted. Also filesize needs to be large enough to support the size of the data on disk (with a maximum allowed value of 2 TiB). Lastly, memory-size may need adjusted from the default of 4GB to a size appropriate to handle the expected primary index size and the expected size of the data in memory. For assistance sizing filesize or memory-size please refer to our Sizing Guide.

The 2 TiB limitation applies to storage devices as well. The recommended work around is to partition your storage device into multiple equally sized devices.

In 3.5.10, which should be released soon, Aerospike will fail to start if a file is defined to be larger than 2 TiB and will only use the first 2 TiB of a devices. Prior to this version if given a device larger than 2 TiB, addressing past 2 TiB disk space would result in the addressable space wrapping to the beginning of the disk, which would cause data to be lost.

I will see to it that the documentation you point out is updated.