Maximum max-write-cache is 2047MB


I can set max-write-cache up to 2047MB but not 2048MB

asinfo -v 'set-config:context=namespace;id=NAMESPACE;max-write-cache=2048M'
value is  error

is it a hard limit? or it is subject to my environment?



Can you check the log file and see if you have a Warning that states: can’t set max-write-cache less than 4M

Thanks Petter


yes, what does it mean? WARNING (info): (thr_info.c::3357) can't set max-write-cache less than 4M


well, apparently at info_command_config_set(char *name, char *params, cf_dyn_buf *db) , the value is signed 32-bit integer (int val;) that can support as large as 2147483647.



Thank you for reporting this. I have filled a bug report on this and will follow-up in this thread once it have been fixed.

Thanks Petter