Maximum RAM per cluster

Hello everyone, I read the known limitations Known Limitations | Aerospike Documentation. It says that the cluster can have a max of 5Tb of data. Does this mean RAM? For example, if I have 512Gb RAM servers, can I create a cluster of at most 10 servers (or 256Gb x20 servers, etc.)? In my example, if I add a new server to the cluster above the limit, there will be an error and the new node will not be added? Or will there be an application write error when the 5Tb limit per cluster is reached?

The 5TB data limit in a cluster is for the community edition. The total data limit is arrived at by multiplying the per-node unique data limit of 640GB by 8, the max number of nodes allowed in the community edition. The community edition supports both in-memory config, in which index+data reside in memory, and hybrid memory config, in which index resides in memory and data resides on an SSD device. In the latter case, the memory requirements are typically much smaller than the data carried by the node. You will not be able to add more nodes to a cluster beyond 8. Hope this helps.

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