Maximum Value of Generation in Metadata

I’m wondering about two things:

  1. What is the maximum value of the generation in metadata? and
  2. What will happen if I modify a record which generation has reached the limit?


The generation is defined as a 16 bit unsigned integer.

When a generations reaches its maximum value + 1 it will roll over to 1 (not 0). Under normal operation, everything is fine. If a node is separated from the cluster when a roll over occurs or if the node is rebooted after generations have rolled over and your conflict-resolution-policy is configured to use generation, then the records with the highest generations will remain.

As an alternative, if you are using the TTL feature, you may set conflict-resolution-policy to TTL and instead it will keep the records with the largest TTL (assuming you always write that record with the same TTL value, this will be the record that was last written).

Thank you Kevin,

Then, does “roll” means “being reset to 0”?

No, it will roll over to 1.

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