Meetup June 22, 2016 in Seattle, WA: “NoSQL Databases & Docker Containers: from Development to Deployment”


Join us on June 22 in Seattle at 6:30 pm for a Docker Seattle Meetup on the topic of “NoSQL Databases & Docker Containers: From Development to Deployment”! Alvin Richards, VP of Product at Aerospike, will give a lively presentation on what Docker is and why it’s important to developers, admins and DevOps when they are using a NoSQL Database. RSVP here!

We will cover:

• Why persistence is a critical element for a successful multi-container strategy

• Using Docker to orchestrate a multi-container application using Flask and Aerospike

• Injecting HAProxy and other production requirements while we deploy to production

• Scaling web and database clusters to grow to meet demand

This lively presentation will include an interactive demo showcasing the core Docker components (Machine, Engine, Swarm and Compose) along with integration with Aerospike.