Memory leak on 3.5.1 / 3.6.0 / 3.6.1



We still have a big memory leak with the 3.5.15. We have to restart the whole cluster every week.

It seems to be related to our heavy usage of UDF.

Memory usage in attachment. The data size in cluster is quite constant during the same period of time (around 5GB of data). We have three dedicated node.

I will be happy to provide all needed informations.

See also Memory usage/ leak (bug)


Bonjour Betrand,

A few weeks ago, we released Aerospike 3.6.0, which features a number of improvements to batch-read, scan, etc., as well as numerous fixes. You can read more about it on our Aerospike Server CE 3.6.0 release notes and dowload it here.

Please upgrade and let us know whether you still encounter your issue.


Sorry for the delay, I need to wait some times to have good data :smile:

So the leak seems to be still there with 3.6.0, but smaller than with 3.5.15.

You can show data below : Ram free decrease, and amout of data handled by aerospike is pretty stable. This amount comes from asinfo.

I can provides more informations if needed, just ask :smile:


Do you mind checking the same scenario with the newly release 3.6.1 server?


Not lot of data, it seems to be pretty similar with 3.6.1



Any idea to solve this memory leak ?




Best tools for validating if there is memory leak is try running asd under valgrind.