Multiple aerospike nodes on docker



I want to have multiple instances of an aerospike-server node so load balance because I hit the server with so many requests I get an error saying ‘Error Code 22: Operation not allow at this time’ then eventually ‘FATAL: sorry, too many clients already’.

I assume that having more aerospike-server nodes that i can lessen the load on one node and therefore complete more operations? I’m jsut not sure where to start with this.

I need these nodes all locally on one host. Any help would be great.

My network knowledge isn’t great so forgive me for any mistakes! :smile:


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Comment from my stackoverflow question is that i should be using multicast, any benefits to using multicast than mesh? I ask because i see more working mesh examples than multicast.


The multicast is possible when on same network or on one single host. Otherwise you may need to use a docker overlay network on multiple hosts. Mesh configuration will work on any network as long as each instance has a unique IP address and can communicate over the mesh ports. I updated stackoverflow with an example.