Multiple "where" clause query


I don’t know if I am reading the documentation incorrectly but is it possible to have multiple where statements in a query?


as_query_where(&query, "bin1", as_string_equals("somestring"));
as_query_where(&query, "bin2", as_string_equals("anotherstring"));

Arglist to a lua function

Multiple where clauses is currently not supported at the database level. This can currently be done via udf/aggregation framework as in the example below:


I actually saw this example. Would it be possible to give me an example in C instead of Java. I just want to send an argument to the lua function if this is the case.

This is what I have so far:

 as_query query;
 as_query_init(&query, asNamespace, asSet);
 as_query_where_inita(&query, 1);
 as_query_where(&query, binName, as_string_equals(where_val));

as_arraylist arglist;
as_arraylist_inita(&arglist, 1);
as_arraylist_append_string(&arglist, where_val2);

as_query_apply(&query, UDF_MODULE, lua_function, &arglist);
if (aerospike_query_foreach(&as, &err, NULL, &query, query_cb_map, NULL) != 

But this is not doing anything


Will try to port the example over.


Has there been any update to this?


Still on the radar for us.



Here is the code for the C example on GitHub.